Always keep your emotions within

Never over react to wins and never get upset over loses. Learn to be composed and calm while playing to give a decent and professional look. Remember to stay cool and never pick a fight with the co-player over heated arguments.

Have an open ear to what the dealer says

The dealer always takes the players through the passage of the game by announcing the happening and the next steps to be taken. Listening to the dealer is equally important to playing your game smartly. If you are not sure about the happenings of the casino, you might consider attending the fresher’s class offered at most of the casinos.

Learn to Handle chips

One has to know how to handle chips at a gaming table, if not never be hesitant to ask the dealer for help. Beware that at spin wheel tables each player will be assigned a different colour of chip and it is your responsibility to remember your colour and the number on which it is placed. Also upon winning a bet the winning bets will be placed on the tableby the croupier and it is up to you whether to take those chips or to leave them for the next round.